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Curbed Awards 2010 Real Estate: The Homes!

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Best Design
#1. We've always admired Bob and Karen Ranquist's handiwork, but they took things to the next level when designing their own home. The couple converted a triangular Bucktown warehouse into an 8,600-square-foot mansion, which is still on the market for $3.27 million.
#2. Interior designer Reed Krueger gets the runner-up award simply for putting this skipping painter in the guest bedroom of his River West home (which is currently listed for $850,000).

Most Absurd Party Pads
#1. R. Kelly's old Lake View crib is still on the market (and for rent), and it has a the lap pool and a 1,600-gallon shark tank. What else do you need to know?
#2. How many Chicago homes come with a mini hockey rink? There's only one that we know of, and it's the Millennium Centre penthouse owned by former Blackhawks goalie Cristobal Huet. The place also has a seven-person hot tub.

Most Hideous
Our jaw dropped when YoChicago unearthed this 6,200-square-foot lair in Bucktown, both because of the all-brick dungeon and the ad copy inviting buyers to "surge into the red zone." Then, it hit the floor when we saw that the place is actually under contract.

Biggest Price Reductions
#1. Few can compete with Le Grand Reve in Winnetka in this category. The price of the 27,000-square-foot palace was reduced by a total of $9 million in the past year and a half, including last month's $5-million reduction. The place still hasn't sold, and it's now priced at $23 million.
#2. How much space is too much space? This 9,600-square-foot loft on an industrial stretch of Ashland Avenue might be just a tad too big for most buyers. It's now listed as a short sale for $1.13 million — less than half of last year's asking price.