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Curbed Cup 2010 Finals Are Here! Uptown vs. South Loop

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It's finally here. The big showdown for 2010 Neighborhood of the Year starts now, and ends at sundown tomorrow (or something like that).

It's tough to say who's the favorite in this matchup, considering that both neighborhoods turned our Curbed Cup brackets upside down. On one side, Uptown was nominated by Irishpirate in what was probably a joke at outgoing Alderman Helen Shiller's expense. On the other side, we have the South Loop, a neighborhood that boomed over the past decade but has felt the pain of the Great Recession worse than just about any other Chicago neighborhood.

On Christmas Eve, a South Loop backer identified as "The Boxer" ran a comparison of the various attributes of the two finalists. The Boxer described the South Loop population as "family oriented, driven, sophisticated." Others countered that Uptown is "vibrant and alive." You be the judge. Which neighborhood deserves the Neighborhood of the Year trophy?
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