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"Windows? What Windows??" Says this Updated Bucktown Cottage

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If you're looking for a place with floor-to-ceiling windows that's flooded with natural light, there are hundreds of options all across Chicago. But direct sunlight can damage your art collection, and of course there's the issue of privacy. Here's a Bucktown single-family that bucks the glassy trend and looks downright dark. Like many of its neighbors, the structure is more than a century old, but the interior was redone by a "contemporary arward winning architector," according to the listing. The interior of the 2,400-square-foot cottage does have an interesting sculptural quality, but it might have been nice if that architector had built out a few more windows to let in just a little more light. The place came on the market in June for $629,000 and was later reduced to $599,000.
· Listing 2119 West Cortland [Jameson]