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Another "Eco-Friendly" Parking Garage Breaks Ground in Bucktown

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Following the lead of Greenway Self Park — the River North parking structure with the ornamental wind turbines — VLF Development announced plans over the summer to build Green Park Eco Garage in Bucktown. Earlier this month VLF held a groundbreaking ceremony at 1868 North Milwaukee with Pat Quinn and Jesse White in attendance. The fully-automated garage will be tricked out with every imaginable laser, sensor, automated camera, scanner, motion detector. As for the "green" features, the builders will use recycled materials; they'll use energy-efficient lighting; and a green roof. (All things they should be doing anyway.) "Because it is fully automated, there is no need to heat, cool or light the building interior, except in the welcoming ground level receiving area," according to a November press release. That press release also says the garage is "LEED Gold registered." What's next, granting surface-level parking lots LEED Platinum?
· Official website: Green Park Eco Garage [VLF Development]