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Landmark DuPont-Whitehouse House Back on the Market

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What's going on at the old Dupont-Whitehouse House? Glad you asked. The 134-year-old McKinley Park house has been listed and delisted several times already this year. MLS listings surfaced again yesterday for the 4,332-square-foot home, but so far we've been unable to reach Oscar Campos from Su Familia Real Estate to get the skinny on the place. According to the listing, the owner "has done a lot of work to this property but there still work to complete." Beyond that, we don't know much about the condition of the home. Here's what the AIA guide to Chicago says about the exterior:

"Gray cement parging partially conceals the original brick, but the incised stone hood moldings and pedimented pavilion mark the house as a rare example of the Italianate country house style that reigned from the 1850s through the 1870s." The home was originally owned by Junot Whitehouse, who worked as the the superintendent of the nearby DuPont Gunpowder and Explosives plant. And it was relocated from 3616 S. Western to its current address at 3558 S. Artesian in 1920. That must have been fun. The sellers are asking for $269,000 and accepting "CASH OFFERS ONLY!!!"
· Listing: 3558 South Artesian Avenue []