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Suburban Room for Rent with Some (Sexual) Conditions

Renting a room in the 'burbs can be quite an adventure. We were pleased earlier this week to learn that these St. Charles frat-mates found the roommate they were looking for. Now there's this $500/mo furnished bedroom that's being rented by a mature gay couple in Palos Heights that might be better suited for the Personals section. The place comes with DSL and all utilities are included, but be warned: You'll probably encounter a couple of older guys having sex on the couch. There are also some conditions:

This question comes up alot..... can i fuck my lady/guy here.... ya u can but no overnight guests and your responsible for any breakage/theft. This isnt a whore house either.It may not be a whorehouse, but it isn't a nunnery either."And for you ladies that have a hard time reading.... why would you want to rent a room from gay guys that would be checking out your man/guy everytime he stopped over... besides I give better head than you do anyways." · Rental listing: $500 Furnished Bed/bath room [Craigslist]