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Curbed Cup 2010 Semifinals: Uptown vs. Logan Square

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The Curbed Cup is a single-elimination tournament to crown Chicago's Neighborhood of the Year for 2010. Click below to vote for the most deserving neighborhood. (And no cheatin'!)

In the first semifinal matchup, Lincoln Square rallied late, but it didn't have enough mojo to overcome a powerful showing from the South Loop, which will be well-rested for next week's big showdown. Today, we present you with the other semifinal matchup: Uptown vs. Logan Square.

A couple of things to think about when determining which of these two North Side 'hoods a worthy of being crowned 2010 Neighborhood of the Year: With the addition of Harold's and the existing Popeye's (pictured), Uptown has a clear upper hand in the fried chicken department. Logan Square, meanwhile, scored major "authenticity" points when the fashion mag Nylon went there in search of "the real Chicago." When this thing started, Uptown was the #8 seed and South Loop was ranked #7. Could both long-shots make it to the finals? You decide.
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