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New Halsted Street Bridge To Include Pedestrian Underpasses

How long will it be before the Chicago riverwalk extends as far north as Division Street? It could be decades, if ever, but the city appears to be planning for it. The current issue of the Architect's Newspaper takes a look at the tied-arch bridge that is currently under construction at Halsted Street, just south of Division Street. The bridge itself will be more bike- and pedestrian-friendly than the old drawbridge, but it's the area beneath the bridge that caught our attention:

"The design looks ahead to the time when Chicago's Riverwalk will continue to this portion of the canal, with two 34-foot-wide pedestrian tunnels on either side of the bridge. Though these will be closed upon completion, the city expects they will become part of a newly landscaped area in the coming years."· Halsted Street Arches Over the Chicago River [Architect's Newspaper]