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Curbed Cup Semifinals: Lincoln Square vs. South Loop

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Pick a storyline: North Side vs. South Side; high density vs. low density; old school vs. new school; new-construction vs. vintage; single-families vs. high-rises. Curbed Cup 2010 continues this afternoon with another slug-fest between the South Loop and Lincoln Square. The peanut gallery has dismissed our little tourney as the "Special Olympics." To that, we say: "Hey, the Special Olympics is pretty excellent!" By now, the story of how these neighborhoods made it this far should be quite familiar. The South Loop gained the reputation of dragonslayer when it KO'ed Lincoln Park. On the other side, Lincoln Square let its fists do the talking, beating the tar out of Bridgeport in Round 1 action. Who will advance to the big dance? Sit back, relax, and strap it down — and don't forget to vote!
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