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Buy or Rent This 8,650-Square-Foot Temple of Excess

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8,650 square feet is a lot of space. It's about one-fifth of an acre, and more than one-sixth of a football field (end zones included). Hell, that grocery store proposed for Webster Square is only 20,000 square feet. A European architect named Peter Bukowski (we know he's Euro, because the listing says so!) spent four years designing this Lincoln Park palace for himself earlier this decade. Then the market went south, and given that his profession was directly linked to the the construction of new homes, Bukowski could no longer afford the place. So he did what anyone with money problems does: He enrolled in a theater and film studies masters program at the University of Georgia. (At least that's what he told the Wall Street Journal last year.)

The best part? This isn't even the style of home Bukowski likes. "My dream house was always a rectangular, straight-lined house," he told the WSJ. But instead, he built this...thing that's full of balustrades and columns and arched windows because it "fit with the more traditional homes in the neighborhood." But he was the freaking architect! Right, well, we all make mistakes. The 6BD, 5.5BA home came on the market last year for $6.25 million, and it has since been reduced $1.6 million, to the current asking price of $4.6 million. But that's not the only option; renters are welcome, too. The place is listed for $20,000 per month — second only to R. Kelly's old place.
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