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Gang: Northerly Island To Be "a Millennium Park of Nature"

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Wow. Just wow. We were already pretty impressed with the aerial renderings and diagrams released last month, but in advance of tonight's big Northerly Island presentation, the Trib unveils this dreamy, cumulus cloud-filled rendering of the proposed park. Blair Kamin reminds us that what Studio Gang and landscape architecture firm JJR have come up with is just a "framework plan," and not a "hard-and-fast blueprint." But for a mere framework, the plan provides plenty of detail, like this:

"visitors to the park's lagoon would experience a 'soft,' irregularly contoured shoreline, rimmed with dune grasses, beaches and a boardwalk. Instead of corralling nature, the designers seek to dramatize it, proposing 'blow holes,' for instance, that would channel lake waves into spectacular bursts of water."Plans also call for a deep-water lagoon, surrounded by reefs, at the bottom of which would be "a sunken ship that divers could explore." Are they really going to sink a ship for divers to explore, or is there already a shipwreck in that area?
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