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Lake View Station Opposition Wants to Stop the MEGA-TOWERS!!!

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We knew this was coming. As Sedgwick Properties renews their push to develop Lake View Station, opponents of the plan are circling the wagons. Uptown Update obtained a new flyer from the group Uptown Coalition for Responsible Development, one of several neighborhood groups that have come out against the proposed development. They contend that the 40 story MEGA TOWERS are too big, too dense, and "out of scale with the neighborhood." They also charge that the Sedgwick has "ignored the feelings of the neighborhood." The anonymous reader who sent the flyer to UU was concerned that the developer had hired Culloton Strategies, a PR firm, to help promote the project: "The PR firm tactic seems to be to hold small meetings with individual buildings to win the residents over." Judging from the fact Monday's meeting was held in the laundry room of a nearby building, that does appear to be the strategy. Divide and conquer. But is that really such a bad thing? A series of smaller meetings could lead to a more intimate and sane exchange of ideas than the free-for-all that contentious community meetings often become.
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