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Results from Curbed Cup 2010's 1st Round! On to the Semis!

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Round one of the Curbed Cup is in the books, and it's been packed with drama and intrigue. There have been mega-upsets, neighborhood smackdowns, and charges of ballot-stuffing (which was later discredited by Curbed's tech department). Now that the dust has cleared, four neighborhoods are still standing. But only one will be crowned Neighborhood of the Year!

Here's how it all went down: In the first matchup, Uptown pulled off the upset of the tourney, beating River North handily, by a 60-40 margin. Then, in another signature upset, the South Loop sucker-punched heavily-favored Lincoln Park, stamping its ticket to the semis. Next, in the most lopsided match of the tournament, Lincoln Square crushed Bridgeport 76-24. And in the finale, after running even for the first 12 or so hours of the contest, Logan Square got up on its tall bike and broke away from West Town. The fun will continue next week, when Uptown matches up against Logan Square and Lincoln Square lines up against the South Loop.