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Architect Brad Lynch's Uber-Modern North Center Home

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Soon after he finished building it, architect Brad Lynch (of Brininstool, Kerwin and Lynch fame) told the Chicago Tribune Magazine that cars would "screech to a halt and back up, or drive around the block" to get a look at his new home, because it was so different from its surroundings. So far, the drive-by attention hasn't materialized into a sale, though. Lynch listed the modernist home for $2.6 million in June and it still hasn't sold. Maybe that isn't too surprising, considering how different (and more expensive) it is from the North Center housing stock. According to the website set up by Koenig & Strey agent Randy McGhee, the open risers of the stairs "allow for continuous air movement," which causes the stairway to act as "a natural turbine for moving cool air from the lower level and displacing warm air on the upper levels." Groovy. The place also has a large courtyard, and there's a green roof on the garage.
· Listing: 3909 N Claremont Ave [Redfin]
· Website: Claremont House [Koenig & Strey]