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Blackhawks Defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson Buys in River West

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Is it just us, or are Chicago's pro athletes getting better at negotiating price reductions? First, Cubs outfielder Kosuke Fukudome managed to get $100K lopped off the asking price for an upgraded Streeterville condo. Now, Blackhawks player Niklas Hjalmarsson has snagged a Kinzie Park townhouse that was listed at $1.649 million last year for just $1.32 million. Not too shabby. Jocks love that particular development, and as the Trib notes, the Swedish defenseman's new neighbors will include Dwyane Wade and Dallas Mavs player Shawn Marion. But those basketball stars probably don't have as many built-in bookshelves as Hjalmarsson. The 12-room, 4,000 square-foot home has more book space than most professors' pads.
· Blackhawk Hjalmarsson buys $1.32M River West home [Trib]