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Construction Moving Forward on Row2750 In Lincoln Park

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It's rare to get a construction update via an MLS listing, but that's where we found these new photos of LV Development's new townhouse development, Row2750. We don't know exactly when they were taken, but the snow on the ground tells us that it had to be within the past week or so. When we dropped by the corner of Lakewood and Diversey in September, work had started, but the construction permit had been revoked because the general contractor doing the work wasn't the contractor of record. Looks like that little snafu has been sorted out, because quite a bit of work has been done since then. It still doesn't look like much, but when finished the exterior will be clad in metal and wood, and it should look quite modern. The Hartshorne Plunkard website explains: "Responding to the desire for privacy and a floating quality, the design team took the typical townhouse scheme and exploded it vertically." Interpret that as you will.
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