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On-Site Marketing Opens for South Works Mega-Development

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Planning the South Works mega-development has to be about as close to SimCity as you can get in real life, because the developers and planners are working with a clean slate. Construction isn't set to begin for at least another two years, but McCaffery Interests recently opened a 2,000-square-foot marketing center for South Works, according to a report from The project, dubbed "Lakeside", will be built on 76 acres of lakefront property between 79th and 83rd streets. The marketing center includes a three-story viewing platform that looks out over the site and scale models of the planned development. The five-phase, 25-year plan calls for 13,000 homes and 17.5 million square feet of retail space, according to the article, and it will cost an estimated $4 billion to build. [Hat tip to YoChicago]
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