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For the Discriminating Buyer: HUD Suit Home Returns to Market

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The George Willborn house is for sale again. It was taken off the market in August, the same day the Department of Housing and Urban Development charged owners Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia and real estate agent Jeffrey Lowe with housing discrimination. According to HUD, the Sabbias violated the Fair Housing Act by denying comedian George Willborn and his wife the opportunity to buy the home based on race. Yesterday, YoChicago editor Joe Askins noticed that the 8,000-square-foot Bridgeport mansion had been relisted. The Lowe Group is out and Village Realty Shoppe's Richard Carlino is in as the listing agent. The home was built in 2002, and it sits on a corner lot at Normal and 33rd. One thing we can glean from the photo gallery: The Sabbias' sports allegiances are all over the map. The second, third and fourth bedrooms each have big Colts, Patriots and White Sox decals pasted above the beds. The home is listed for $1,799,900, the same price it was listed for over the summer.
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