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With Solstice Stalled, Developer Vows to Improve Nearby School

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Last month, Joe Askins at YoChicago discovered some new listings for Solstice on the Park condos, suggesting that Antheus Capital hasn't given up on the Hyde Park development. Today, we have another indication that the developer plans to move forward with the Studio Gang-designed high-rise. The Hyde Park Herald reports that members of the development team attended a recent meeting at Bret Harte Elementary School, which is adjacent to the development site on 56th Street, and vowed to follow through on an earlier promise to build a new playground and redevelop the alley behind the school (although new plans will shrink the size of the playground). Here's what Antheus spokesman Peter Cassel had to say:

"Although we do not have enough units sold to begin work on the Solstice building, we are interested in making improvements to the school and the school parking lot without regard for condo marketing and making preparation to the site the Solstice will be built on."Sounds like they have every intention of building it. Antheus says construction on the playground and alley will begin next summer.
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