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Vision Tops Trump and Elysian in Hyperbolic Craigslist Ad

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** BETTER THAN TRUMP ** boasts a Craigslist ad for a rental at Vision in Wicker Park. It's one thing to say a place has nice finishes, but placing a mid-range condo in a newer North Side condo building in the same company as Trump Tower is a bit misleading. Another Craigslist ad for a 2BD takes it further, adding Elysian:

"This development is true luxury. It rivals the highest quality developments in Chicago such as the Elysian & Trump Chicago. Never before has Wicker Park seen such a stunning living environment." At Elysian and Trump they aren't just selling homes, they're selling a status symbol, and the condos at both buildings come with great city views, hotel amenities, spa services and more. Vision looks like a fine rental option in Wicker Park, but that's about it.
· Listing: 1624 W. Division Unit 210 [Craigslist]
· 1624 W. Division Unit 201 [Craigslist]

The Elysian

11 East Walton Street, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website