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Take a Chance on a Bronzeville 3BD with a Patchy History

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Here's what we do know about this handsome Bonzeville home: In 2007 it was bought for $500,000, but later went into foreclosure and was sold in September for just $60,000. We don't know anything about what took place during three years, and we also don't know what the interior of the home looks like today. It may have sat vacant for a long time, and it so, it seems reasonable to assume that the place is in worse repair than the previous owner found it in 2007, but again, that's pure speculation. The listing also tells us that the place has 3 bedrooms and 4.5 baths with 11-foot ceilings on the first two floors and "tall ceilings" in the basement. It was built in 1888, and it has 3,595 square feet of floor space. The current owner doubled the most recent sale price and added $10,000, listing the place at $129,900. G7 Realty Group, a company that we have zero information about, has the listing.
· Listing: 3138 S Calumet Ave [Redfin]