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Separated at Birth: A Smurf House for $60K in Englewood

It isn't a perfect match, but that shingled mansard roof makes this Englewood home look an awful lot like those little mushroom homes from Smurf Village. The place looks tiny in the photo (the listing refers to it as a "cutie"), but somehow the builder crammed four bedrooms and 1.5 baths into the 1,088 square-foot home. All four of the bedrooms are listed at 12' x 9', and the kitchen is even smaller. The home has already changed hands three times since 2003, selling for $60,000, $154,000, and most recently in June for $13,750. The place is now listed for $59,900, and it comes with a two-car garage.
· Listing: 6128 S Morgan St [Redfin]