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Hartshorne Plunkard's New Vision for 53rd Street in Hyde Park

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The Hyde Park Herald reported yesterday that the Harper Court development team will present a new slate of architectural renderings to the Hyde Park community in December, and this is likely what they'll be showing. An architect with Hartshorne Plunkard Architects passed along the above image, which shows a street-level rendering of Phase 1 of Harper Court, viewed from the southeast corner of 53rd and Lake Park. The 12-story office building on 53rd Street is a glass cube, and the first few floors are broken up with lighted paneling, improving the street appeal. It's a vast improvement to the surface-level parking lot and vacant Hollywood Video store that currently stand there, and it's quite a bit different than the last batch of renderings HPA revealed at community presentations earlier this fall.

A different rendering obtained by a contributor to the SkyscraperCity and SkyscraperPage message boards shows the whole development, including a large high-rise that will be part of a later phase. The high-rise also appears to have some architectural paneling on the south side, and it looks similar in some ways to another HPA-designed high-rise that was proposed for River North a couple years ago. Construction on Phase 2 is still several years off, and the design is probably subject to further change.
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