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Would You Rent an Apartment from this Creep?

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Apartment rental services aren't exactly known for their marketing savvy, but why, oh why, would a business of any kind select this suspicious-looking fella who appears to be peeping through your keyhole as their logo? A member of the Windy Citizen community pointed out the creepiness factor earlier this morning, and we have to agree. Luckily, the Apartment Vigilantes website offers a perfectly straightforward explanation of the company's principles:

"Spawn not born; a creature that walks his own path seeking and searching to find a perfect match between renters and landlords alike. He walks off the beaten path – a path that bridges residents with their new home."The name "Apartment Vigilantes" already suggests taking the law into one's own hands. This "off the beaten path" rhetoric doesn't do much to assuage those fears. And as for that logo: "The Vigilante wears a read shirt and top hat because his heart bleeds in that he sees the hardships that renters face when searching for their ideal home/tenant. His top hat is worn to remind us of a different time; an older time. A time in which there was a mutual respect for one another." If you can't come up with a good logo, just use a Monopoly house like everyone else! · The Man Under the Hat [Apartment Vigilantes]
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