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Want to Get Out of the City? Try This Homer Glen Hideout

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Sometimes creative types need to get away from the city to find inspiration, or to just find some peace and quiet. This place in a wooded area of Homer Glen (about 45 minutes from downtown Chicago) looks like a nice retreat. The 2,900 square-foot home has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, and judging from that aerial photo, privacy isn't an issue. One thing that stands out in the listings and Craigslist ads for this place is the owner's self-conscious discomfort with pimping the assets of his home. "I hate to admit to granite countertops since that feature is no big deal in comparison to all the other comtempary [sic] upgrades," he writes in the listings. And after mentioning travertine marble in the Craigslist ad, he writes: "Since I tend to be a rather normal person........all this crap does not sound like I have to smile as I write this." OK, so he's not a natural salesman. Big deal. The basement has 12-foot ceilings, and it currently serves as a pro photo studio, but the owner says that it "can be converted into a theater, basketball court, commercial work space, home office dance studio, wood shop, artist studio." Shooting hoops in that basement would probably be pretty frustrating, but it looks like a nice space. The price: $432,500.
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