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The Other End of the Spectrum: 2BD for Under $2K in Uptown

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Everyone knows that there are deals to be had in today's market, but not like this. Tipster Eric Rojas directs our attention to the recent sale of 2BD, 2BA foreclosure in Uptown. The place was listed last year for $39,900, reduced a month later to $29,900, and sold about a month ago for $1,500 — less than 4% of the original price. That has to be some kind of typo, right? It's hard to find a good sofa for less than $1,500 these days, let alone a home. What if there is a zero missing from that number? That means it sold for $15,000, which is still just a fraction of what other condos in that building were going for a couple years ago, when two different homes at that address were sold in the $260s and the $290s. Is there something we're missing about this place?
· Sold: 1024 W. Leland Ave. Unit 2E [Redfin]