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Lawyer Up: Northwestern Law Dean Lists Home for $4.7M

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We paid glancing notice to a recent Elite Street column that included an item about outgoing Northwestern Law School Dean David Van Zandt's Lincoln Park home, but a post at the legal blog Above the Law renewed our interest in the "lawyerly lair." Somehow they just make it seem more... delicious. (Could it be because the post was filed with a "fabulosity" tag?) Van Zandt is heading for the greener pastures of NYC, and he's looking to unload his 6,290 square-foot Lincoln Park home. The place isn't the priciest or the fanciest in Chicago, but for a professor's pad, it's pretty posh. "The decorating scheme is tasteful and classy — just like Dean Van Zandt," gushes Above the Law. Classiness aside, the 1887 home sits on a double lot and features a pretty side yard, and it has 12-foot ceilings. If anything, the listing shows how far Lincoln Park real estate has come in the past decade (and how inflated Van Zandt's asking price is). DVZ bought the place for $922,550 in 1996, and it's now listed for $4.7 million.
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