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Carol Moseley Braun's Hyde Park Home Is For Sale

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When 20 candidates throw their hats into the ring, you gotta do something to get headlines. For Carol Moseley Braun, something she did months before Mayor Daley announced he'd be stepping down is getting her back in the news cycle. Back in March, Braun listed her upscale Hyde Park townhouse for sale, and it's still on the market. Bob Goldsborough, The Trib's Elite Street columnist, discovered the listing and filed a short item on the home last night. This morning, Chicago mag's Dennis Rodkin published a longer piece on the place. The former US Senator and current mayoral hopeful purchased the 5BD, 4.5BA home in late 2006 for $1.7 million. Four months later, she was mugged on the street in front, but she says that had no influence on her decision to sell. The 1906 home is now listed for $1.9 million. "I'm not into 'buy high, sell low,'" Braun told Rodkin.
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