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$7,000/mo for a Roommate in this Modernist Bucktown Home

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If you're struggling with your mortgage or just want to save some cash, getting a roommate can be a good option. That's what the owner of this newer, 3,800-square-foot Bucktown home is looking to do. Shacking up with a roommate can be a good way to make friends (or enemies), but it probably isn't most people's first choice, which is why the $7,000 per month price tag seems a bit steep. The place was designed by Alexander Gorlin, and it looks very modern and chic, but for just $500 more per month you could have a whole 3BD, 2.5BA penthouse in Contemporaine to yourself.
· Listing: 1808 North Paulina Avenue [Prudential Rubloff]
· Listing: 201 W Grand Ave #PH7 [Domu]