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Get Fired Up for Next Week's Webster Square Community Meeting!

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Time to pop in that old Jock Jams cassette tape and get your adrenaline flowing, because next week's community meeting over the future of Webster Square promises to be a blockbuster. Decades from now, long after the fate of the Lincoln Park Hospital has been decided, your grandchildren will ask, "Where were you at at 7:00 PM on November 30, 2010?" The Lincoln Park High School auditorium, you'll proudly tell them. As we reported last week, a group of neighborhood residents strongly oppose the development, largely because a Fresh Market grocery store would bring increased traffic to the area, they argue. Today, Crain's reports that Sandz is trying to speed the development through the Planning Commission as soon as next month, so that they don't have to start the process over when a new alderman takes office.

In an effort to drum up support for the project, a member of the development team has taken to the SkyscraperCity message boards, in order to get people out to next week's community meeting. "The ones who are complaining the most will be the first ones in the door of The Fresh Market when it opens!" writes the unnamed developer. Opponents to the plan reportedly got a bit shouty at the last meeting. Sounds like Sandz is ready to fight back.
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