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Q: How Much for the Condo? A: How Much You Wanna Spend?

The owner of this 2BD, 1BA in 1400 Lake Shore Drive is willing to negotiate, and they aren't afraid to say so. "Make us an Offer !!!!!" the listing implores buyers. Not ready to commit to buying the place? That's OK, becuase the owner will consider "lease/purchase". Need some furniture? That can be arranged, too. The place has been listed, delisted, relisted and price-changed more than a dozen times since the owner first brought it back on the market last winter. That was long before we learned that a vulture investor had moved to purchase dozens of unsold condos in the slow-selling condo conversion. The current owner spent $325,000 on the home in 2007, and it's currently listed for just $184,500. With a price like that, you're probably wondering if it's a short sale or foreclosure. "Not a short sale, JUST A REALLY, REALLY GOOD DEAL!!!!!!!!!!" says the listing.
· Listing: 1400 North Lake Shore Drive #11G [Baird & Warner]