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Envisioning an Energized Environment of Eclectic Entertainment

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It's always fun to look back at real estate marketing materials from the past several years. For example, this "Virtual Experience" video for Roosevelt Collection promises "an energized environment of eclectic shopping, dining and entertainment" with "trendy boutiques, restaurants and neighborhood coffee shops." Doesn't that sound nice? Originally, the land that Roosevelt Collection was built on was zoned for 20 million square feet of office space, explains an unnamed member of the development team in the video; "we all know that Chicago doesn't need another empty office building." No, the city doesn't need more empty office space — we need empty retail space!

OK, that's a bit harsh. Over the summer, YoChicago received word that about half of the retail space had been leased, but that the tenants hadn't been named. Today, a new post at the neighborhood blog Sloopin looks at the empty retail space and offers a list of 'dream' stores for the development. With 398,000 square feet of retail space on site, Roosevelt Collection is sure to get some major retailers in the near future, but what those shops will be and how much space Centrum will be able to fill is anyone's guess.
· VIDEO: Virtual Experience [Roosevelt Collection]
· Pondering Potential Retail at Roosevelt Collection [Sloopin]

Roosevelt Collection

150 W Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60605