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The Most Spectacularly Hideous Apartment in Marina City

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We got caught up in the moment this morning, watching construction footage from This Is Marina City and reflecting on the 50-year-old development, but let's not forget: Some of the most maddeningly fugly apartments in Chicago reside within the curved cement walls of those corn cobs. If you browse through Marina City listings, you'll find an impressive assortment of charmingly dated kitchens (all with electric stoves, of course), pleather furniture, low ceilings, wall-to-wall carpeting, cramped bathrooms, and oddly-shaped rooms. And although there are dozens of ugly homes available, both for sale and for rent in the two buildings, this 53rd-floor apartment easily separates itself from the rest, if only because of the owners installed a large jacuzzi tub and toilet in the home office. Sorry folks, it's not for sale.
UPDATE: Doh! We've received word from the current owners that, contrary to our original claim that the home had been on the market earlier this year, it actually sold in 2007. Shame on us.

Marina City

300 North State Street, , IL 60654