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Dreaming a Little Smaller at Le Grand Reve in Winnetka

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Our friends over at YoChicago noticed a pretty serious change to the Chicago area's most expensive home yesterday. Dubbed "Le Grand Rêve" (the big dream), owners Sherwin and Deborah Jarol built the North Shore's most over-the-top mansion in 2007, but their children reportedly moved out, and the 27,000-square-foot palace seemed a bit much for the empty nesters. The dream came on the market last summer for $32 million (already well below the $35 million that it is rumored to have cost the Jarols to build it); it was relisted earlier this year for $28 million; and just yesterday the price took another tumble, down to $23 million. Start saving those pennies, kids.
· $5 million – now that’s a price reduction [YoChicago]
· Listing: 68 Locust Rd, Winnetka [Redfin]