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For $12,000/mo, An Uptown House with Outsized Amenities

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It's rare enough to find a single-family home with a private pool in the city, but a saltwater lap pool with a waterfall? It's a safe bet that this is one of the only ones you'll find in Chicago. The waterfall even has a remote control with which the owner can adjust the volume by increasing or decreasing the water flow. The 6,400-square-foot Uptown home also comes with a massive gym and a large home theater. OK, so who owns this crib? It must be a pro athlete, right? Actually, it's owned by Robert Kroupa, the principal of Kroupa Development. Kroupa recently developed two condo conversion high-rises on Sheridan Road in Lake View where residents have long complained of shoddy work and code violations (2930 North Sheridan was evacuated in '07 when asbestos was discovered). When the complaints get too loud, Kroupa can just crank up the volume on that waterfall to drown them out. The place can be yours for $12,000 per month.
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