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A Playful Place with Modern Art Flavor in River West

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Forget about the MS&I's Month at the Museum — try living in a museum all year round! If you spend enough time looking at real estate listings, you'll find a lot of grand rhetoric describing places as "modern art". Here's a place that appears to actually live up to the billing. The current owner has a pretty serious collection (watch your head getting out of that bed), and all the blinds are drawn in the photo gallery, giving it an even more museum-like vibe. The home has been featured in Interiors and Architectural Digest. The 3,000-square-foot condo was completely gutted, and new oak flooring and custom baths were added. The 2BD, 2.5BA condo was listed form $900,000 in July, and a price reduction earlier this week brought it down to $850,000.
UPDATE: The seller is interior designer Reed Krueger, and listing agent Michael Rosenblum clarifies that although the place is "Arc Digest worthy," it has not appeared in Architectural Digest or Interiors.
· Listing: 939 W Huron St #209 [Koenig & Strey]