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Photos: Virginia Tech's LUMENHAUS in Millennium Park

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Kuck mal! Ein LUMENHAUS in Chicago! A group from Virginia Tech have quietly been setting up this prefab house in the South Promenade of Millennium Park for the past couple of days. The roughly 800 square-foot, zero-energy home is now open for viewing, and we stopped by earlier this morning to check it out. The house is an exercise in energy efficiency, but also efficient use of space. The bed doubles as a sofa; the kitchen counter can move around, doubling as a table or serving area; and the bathroom, which is little bigger than an airplane bathroom, manages to squeeze a shower stall and toilet into an impossibly tight space. The north and south walls are all glass, which the makers of the home say was inspired by the Farnsworth House, and an "automated Eclipsis System" provides shade and privacy. Today, the pattern of the sun screen appeared to be in dialogue with Studio Gang's Aqua Tower, which can be seen in the background.
· What is LUMENHAUS? [Virginia Tech]