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Beal Properties: Chicago's Worst Landlord?

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Think you've got a crappy landlord? Unless you've felt the wrath of Beal Properties (or one of their many LLCs), you haven't seen nuthin'. Over the years, Beal has reached a level of notoriety on Yelp unmatched by any other apartment management company in Chicago. (YoChicago drew our attention to them over the summer in this post.) And it apparently has prompted Beal to take down its website. Below we've compiled some highlights, but all 64 (and counting) of the reviews on Yelp make for some great reading. Got a story of your own about Beal (or any other landlord)? Send it over to

"A homeless man sharted (no joke) in my elevator while I was in it (wearing nothing but a pair of boxers with shit dripping down his leg). I saw another homeless man clipping his toenails in the stairwell. I also once opened my door because someone had been jiggling the handle and saw a homeless man going down the hall trying to find an unlocked door.""Who likes Rats?! You do?! Great, I have the perfect place for you, 2912 N Mildred Ave. A rat ran across my living room floor on Sunday and now on Friday someone FINALLY came by to "leave traps" (cardboard boxes, gee I could have done that!)." "I must have done something really terrible in a past life.""Oh my god.... So I'm taking a shower, minding my own business, and the WALL COLLAPSES. Was it an earthquake? Terrorists? No. It was Beal's SHITTY work that made all the tiles come down on me while I am naked."
"There are huge levels of mold in this building, and they just paint over them.""My dog escaped the apartment while I was at work because the back door was unlocked and left unlatched after someone from Beal Properties entered my apartment.""When you see a Beal sign RUUUUUNNNN!!!!!"