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A Look at Those Planned Upgrades to Wrigley Field

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The boo birds have been out in full force this week, and for once it has nothing to do with the poor play within the Friendly Confines. Mayor Daley and Gov. Quinn both rejected the Ricketts' request for $200 million of public money to modernize Wrigley Field, and in an effort to bolster their bid, the Cubs released some renderings this afternoon of their plans for the 96-year-old ballpark. In addition to some structural renovations, plans call for some pretty massive improvements to the rat-infested clubhouses, larger concourses, and an outdoor space along Seminary Avenue called "Cubs Alley" (pictured). As Blair Kamin notes, the team hasn't disclosed many details about Cubs Alley, and they haven't named an architect. Judging from the rendering, plans call for a bunch of white people milling about.
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