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A $1.7M Wicker Park Foreclosure with A Flair For Wood Paneling

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The residential streets of Wicker Park and Bucktown are sprinkled with a bunch of these these ultra-modern mansions, garish monuments to a different economic time. This particular home, a 4,300 square-foot affair, went into foreclosure last year, and after listing it on the MLS for $1.1 million and failing to sell it, US Bank sold it to a real estate investment firm for a mere $850K. Then, early last month, it came back on the market for $1.7 million. The difference is that when US Bank was in possession of the home it was being sold "as is," whereas now it looks like it's in fine shape and has been fully staged. Still, that price seems a bit ambitious. An added bonus: The new owner will get to have walls that look like the floor of basketball court. It also has a "penthouse roofdeck," according to the listing.
· Listing: 1439 North Elk Grove Avenue [@properties]
· Sales history: 1439 N. Elk Grove Ave [Blockshopper]