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Trading a Victorian for a New-Construction Whatchamacallit

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If you live in the 4500 block of Hermitage in Ravenswood, you've probably noticed that 4530 N. Hermitage Ave. has undergone a pretty radical transformation over the past year. Eric Rojas drew our attention to the new home on his Chicago Real Estate Local blog earlier this week. Gone is the traditional-looking Victorian home, which was torn down to be replaced with a new-construction home that defies easy categorization. (View more photos here) "I don't know if 'transitional' is the right word," says Mike Ryan with Burns + Beyerl Architects. Ryan says the architects had several meetings with the owners of the home, looking at magazines to try to figure out what style of home they liked. They found that the husband liked modern and the wife liked more traditional homes, so they arrived at a compromise.

Even though the owners opted to tear down and start over, the place has plenty of green cred. The old home was deconstructed, and although they weren't able to reuse any of it on the new home, it will be recycled. Ryan says the home will have geothermal heating and cooling, solar thermal for hot water, and it's being built with a very tight envelope that will keep it highly insulated. Signs in front say the builders are seeking LEED certification and participating in the City of Chicago's Green building permit process.
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