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VIDEO: Jeanne Gang on Aqua, Mushrooms and Chicago

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Got 20 minutes to kill? This video of Mark Bazer's interview with Chicago architect Jeanne Gang from The Interview Show is a good option. In it, Gang talks about her rise as an architect, and her first skyscraper, Aqua. One interesting point Gang makes about Aqua is that while she was planning it, she and her staff were thinking, "Wow, this site is really hidden, and no one's ever going to see this building. What's it going to be like to walk up to it on the street?" That explains away one of the main criticisms of the building, which is that it looks ugly from afar. There's plenty of levity in the interview, too. Towards the end, she adds this curious bit about the Calumet Nature Center: "We have our own random interests, too, that we bring into the project. Like right now, we've been looking into mushrooms." To which Mark Bazer responds: "Really? I can get with that... I've seen the Aqua tower!"
· Architect Jeanne Gang on The Interview Show [HuffPo Chicago]


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