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Indoor Ice Rinks: The Solution for All Vacant Commercial Property?

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After it was reported that an indoor ice rink will be opening on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center, some Chicagoans have caught a case of ice rink fever. Like the guy narrating this video, who presents viewers with his vision for what he thinks should be the city's newest indoor ice rink:

I say, in the meantime, make it an indoor ice skating rink. Wouldn't that rock? Just throw some ice down on there-- or water-- and freeze that up, and then go ice skating? Make sure you go around the pillars. That would be totally cool.
Later, writing on his blog, he came to terms with how ludicrous the idea is, realizing that ice might damage the building's the foundation. He even came up with a clever solution for dealing with those pesky pillars: "Maybe they can wrap bed mattresses around the pillars like how they do on the south side of Chicago for the Beverly Hills Cycling Classic."
· Vacant art store to be transformed into ice skating rink [Thoughts Blog]

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