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$35,000 Per Month for R. Kelly's Old Lake View Crib

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First, let's clear one thing up: Yes, this house was the scene of the (alleged!) crime, where R&B singer R. Kelly (allegedly!) peed on an underage girl. The place made a a bit of a splash when it came back on the market in June for $3.89 million, and it hasn't budged. Later in the summer, rental listings emerged, offering the 5BD,4.5BA converted church for the modest price of $35,000 per month. Does that sound a bit steep? To sweeten the pot, the owner is throwing in a month of cleaning service, a masseuse and a personal chef. A bit of backstory: Although it's pretty easy to imagine a shirtless R. Kelly sauntering around this chic pad, it apparently looked very different when he was throwing his basement romps almost a decade ago. When the current owner, a former dentist named Ilene Greenblatt, bought the place in 2008 for $1 million, it was in pretty rough shape, and Kelly had a penchant for decorating with Loony Tunes-themed wallpaper. So she spent a bunch of money redesigning the place, in an effort to flip it. The Daffy Duck stuff is long gone, but the lap pool, the 1,600-gallon shark tank and the 1,500-square-foot rooftop terrace remain.
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