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Palmolive Building Three-Bedroom Drops 30 Percent in Two Years

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Earlier this week, we told you about a nine-percent price drop in the original Playboy Mansion. Now let's take a look at at a place in the Playboy Building (at least that's what they used to call it), where a series of reductions have brought one condo down about 30 percent below the original asking price. When it came on the market in 2008, unit 13A, a 3BD, 3.5BA condo, was priced at $2.8 million. Six price reductions, in increments of $100,000 to $200,000, have brought it down to $1.9 million. "Originally a 3BR, now 2BR/Study," says the listing, but the size—2,832 square feet—is the same.
· Listing: 159 E Walton Unit 13A [Redfin]

Palmolive Building

159 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611