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Rending Vs. Reality at Terrazio in the South Loop

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Terrazio is never going to win any design awards, but it is one of the few new-construction developments that hasn't gone rental (not officially, at least) or hit the auction block in the South Loop (yet). The name "Terrazio" sounds like a vaguely Europeanish version of "terrace" (no word on whether it means anything in any language other than Realtor-speak), so we visited a recent open house to see how those terraces stack up to the cartoony world of yuppie luxury shown in the renderings. The takeaway: Diving is not recommended in the "tranquility pool," where the deep end is marked 1-foot, 6-inches [Editor's note: Seriously? They must be measuring from the steps, not the bottom of the pool], and the shallow end is just 6 inches deep. The Solavista courtyard, which is a mid-rise interpretation of the Chicago courtyard building, was a bit austere.
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