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New Pricing at 770 Lofts Making Competitors' Prices Look Sucky

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It's always fun when you can get a developer to talk about their rivals. Think the other players in the West Loop condo scene didn't notice when The Odyssey Lofts hit the market again, re-branded as "770 Lofts" with freshly-slashed prices? They noticed, but they aren't about to let slip any sign of weakness. "It is what it is," developer William Senne told Crain's, confirming that the prices won't be coming down at Emerald. Belgravia Group CEO Alan Lev (developer of 565 Quincy) is similarly unfazed by being undercut by the 770 Lofts. "We don't plan to drop (our prices) any farther," Lev said. Perhaps you've seen those 565 Quincy ads promoting "Prices that still don't suck" that are fastened to the back of CTA buses? Compared to the new prices at 770 Lofts, both Emerald's and 565 Quincy's prices sorta do suck:

· Developer’s price cuts don’t faze rivals [Crain's]
· Greektown's Odyssey Lofts Rebranded, Relaunched as 770 Lofts [Curbed]

565 Quincy

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