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First Look at Wrightwood Crossing in Lincoln Park

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The folks at g.corp Development must be doing something right, because Wrightwood Crossing, their 19-unit Lincoln Park development, is going forward as planned. A visit to the construction site last week revealed that the windows are in place and landscaping work has begun. When plans were unveiled, NIMBYs grumbled that the building was too tall and too dense for the bucolic environs of Lincoln Park, so the developers scaled it back a bit, creating a setback on the third floor that faces the street, so that it doesn't look quite as imposing. The development has been reasonably successful with buyers, as about half of the homes are currently under contract. Prices run from $495,000 to $2 million.
· Official website: Wrightwood Crossing [g.corp development]

Wrightwood Crossing

1307 West Wrightwood Avenue, Chicago , IL 60614