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Top 10 Starchitect-Designed Homes You Can Own

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What's the point in paying top dollar to live in a fancy home if it doesn't have any star power to back it up? Chicago has produced its share of architectural lions, and the skyline is dotted with architectural jewels, many of which are currently on the market. Here's a list of 10 homes designed by name-brand architects where you can buy now:

10. The Building: The Fisher Studio Houses
The Architect: Andrew Rebori
The Skinny: An Art Moderne landmark in the Gold Coast commissioned by a Marshall Field's exec in 1936, the Fisher Studios have since been divided into 12 condos, one of which is on the market for $259,000.
Listing: 1209 N STATE St #8 [Redfin]

9. The Building: 600 North Fairbanks
The Architect: Helmut Jahn
The Skinny: Since the '80s, the German-born Jahn has made Chicago his home away from home, designing some of the city's great civic centers. Plenty of resales are on the market in his latest high-rise, completed in 2008, including this penthouse.
Listing: 600 N Fairbanks Ct #3902 [Redfin]

8. The Building: River City
The Architect: Bertrand Goldberg
The Skinny: River City has had its problems, including a flood in July that filled the indoor garage with about 10 feet of water. But with non-short-sale studios like this one selling for less than $85,000, you should expect it to be a little rough around the edges.
Listing: 800 S Wells St #1608 [Redfin]

7. The Building: The Allan Miller House
The Architect: John Van Bergen
The Skinny: You never heard of Van Bergen? He worked for Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1910s, and later designed this Prairie Style beauty in South Shore. The 2,200 square-foot home was built in 1913, and is priced at $449,900.
Listing: 7121 S. Paxton [Dream Town]

6. The Building: The Montgomery
The Architect: Minoru Yamasaki
The Skinny: Yamasaki, designer of the Twin Towers in New York, isn't known for his Chicago work, but this is one of his more successful buildings. As the name suggests, the building was commissioned as a Montgomery Ward office building in the 1970s. A bunch of units are on the market, but none on the corners.
Listing: 500 W SUPERIOR St #2308 [Redfin]

5. The Building: Aqua
The Architect: Jeanne Gang
The Skinny: Studio Gang isn't a household name yet, but the 82-story Aqua tower was one of the most architecturally-significant completed works from the recent boom. A handful of developer units, like this million-dollar penthouse are still on the market.
Listing: 225 N Columbus Dr #7801 [Redfin]

4. The Building: John Hancock Center
The Architect: Bruce Graham (SOM)
The Skinny: It's the most iconic building on the Chicago skyline, but for some reason the residential portion of the Hancock doesn't get too much attention. One thing's for sure: the view from this 88th-floor unit will be impressive.
Listing: 175 E Delaware Pl Unit 8809-10 [Redfin]

3. The Building: Contemporaine
The Architect: Ralph Johnson (Perkins + Will)
The Skinny: It's "a welcome departure from the hulking residential towers that have deadened the Chicago cityscape of late," says Blair Kamin. And one of the penthouses is back on the market for $1.5 million.
Listing: 201 W Grand Ave Ph 7 [RCR Realty]

2. The Building: The Edward C. Waller Apartments
The Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
The Skinny: This East Garfield Park building has seen better days, but $149,000 for a Frank Lloyd Wright?! It's been on the market since July—somebody will snatch it up sooner or later.
Listing: 2848 W Walnut [Century 21 Hometown]

1. The Building: 860-880 North Lake Shore Drive
The Architect: Mies van der Rohe
The Skinny: The quintessential Miesian apartment buildings on some of the best real estate in the city. Like any great work, the buildings at 860-880 Lake Shore are both loved and loathed, and there's almost always something on the market in these two modernist buildings.
Listing: 860 N Lake Shore Dr Unit 21K [Koenig & Strey]