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Large & In Charge: Two Full Floors at the Top of Elysian

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The city's architecture critics love to gripe about that goofy mansard roof Lucian Lagrange plopped on top of Elysian, but gosh, wouldn't it be swell to live up near that roof? Here's your chance: An investor has combined two full floors spanning the 56th and 57th floors into a massive 12,000 square-foot duplex, priced at $10.5 million. The space is still a raw "vanilla box," which makes the $875 per square foot price tag look slightly less alluring, but there's nothing vanilla about the view through those 20-foot windows.
· 11 East Walton #PH56-57 [Baird & Warner]
· Elegance proves elusive; Elysian's traditional wonderland is topped with a mad hat [Trib]

The Elysian

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